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When advising your clients on future financial security and concerns, financial advisors, stock brokers, and insurance agents all have a professional obligation to educate their clients on the financial consequences they could face if they needed long-term care. However, many financial advisors avoid discussing long-term care insurance, as they are unfamiliar with all the plans and nuances of the policies. Informed recommendations should include ways to integrate a policy into the total financial plan of your clients, including ways your clients can fund their long-term care insurance.

You have a real opportunity to help clients incorporate long-term care insurance with their other retirement planning.

Retirement Income

Assets that have been allocated to provide retirement income can be protected by long-term care insurance. If long-term care is needed, your clients don’t have to worry about depleting their investment principal! This will protect the lifestyle of the surviving spouse and/or children.

Help Your Clients Enjoy Retirement

Long-term care insurance gives your retired clients permission to enjoy retirement. They no longer have to “save” all their money in case they need long-term care. Instead they can buy that RV, or take that trip to Hawaii since they know their long-term care needs will be taken care of!

Fund LTC insurance With Other Products

Use creative funding for long-term care insurance policies! Payments from an immediate annuity or required minimum distribution from a 401k can be used to pay for long-term care premiums, thereby protecting their principal!

LTC Insurance Can Assist in Wealth Transfer

You probably recommend life insurance to provide liquidity on death and pay estate taxes that are due upon death. Long-term care insurance protects your client’s assets from being spent on long term care. This can ensure that their assets can be transferred as planned.

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