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Distribution Partners


Property and Casualty Agencies

Many Property & Casualty firms pride themselves on the strong relationships that they have spent years developing with their clients. Through unique added value services in combination with a strong “team-oriented” approach, your firm continues to earn the right to your clients business year after year. However, many firms continue to look for ways to separate themselves from their competition while also seeking opportunities to bring additional value to their existing relationships.


Long-term care insurance for individuals and corporations has become a natural addition to other P&C Agencies portfolio…why not yours too?


Individual Market:

The individual marketplace for long-term care insurance is one of the best business opportunities for Property & Casualty firms over the next 10-20 years.

The best ways to reach individual consumers is through “Captive Affinity Marketing.” You enjoy such a relationship with your clients. As a result, there is an implied “trust factor” and built in “affinity” that allows for potentially successful cross-product-marketing to take place.

Here is the potential of the individual market:


Size of opportunity today:

61,000,000 (People over the age of 50)

x 60% (Eligible for LTCi – based on decline rate)
x $1,758 (Average Annual LTCI Premium)

= $64,342,800,000 – A year market potential!

Taking into consideration:


$64,342,800,000 (Market potential)
x 90% (That still haven’t purchased LTCi)

= $58 Billion dollars of untouched business!







Who is solving your client’s long-term care insurance needs?

It should be YOU! Together we can succeed.


Corporate Market:

Why should an employer offer LTCi?

    • Underwriting concessions – This reduces the potential of being “declined” for coverage.
      Outside of a Company/Worksite plan, consumers need to medically qualify for this coverage.
    • Discounts – Employees and eligible family members will
      receive discounts on their policies
    • Ability to Discriminate – Offer to Key People
    • Tax Deductibility - See “Tax Guide”

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