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Prospective Clients


Banks and Credit Unions


Our Long-Term Care insurance program benefits your members, business clients -
your credit unions and its employees.


Strengthens member relationships:

Build member retention at the individual and business level with:

    • "Member only" rates that help ensure long-term relationships with your credit union
    • Consultation services through licensed Long-Term Care insurance professionals


Improves executive attraction and retention rates at your credit union:

    • Customizable coverage can be limited to specific employee levels

    • Competitive way to offer a desired benefit
    • Compliments existing compensation offering


Includes desirable coverage options, competitive rates, and rate protection:

    • Multiple care level coverage options
    • Discounts for spousal coverage, healthy lifestyle, and preferred health*
    • Inflation protection, and limited pay options available**
    • No additional operational or staffing requirements
    • Marketing, administration, and product fulfilment all included
    • Designed to be compliant with all state and federal regulations
    • Online tools make it easy to monitor program performance
    • One-call plan administration

Build non-interest income

Ongoing non-interest income source for your credit union.


* Discounts may vary and may not be available in some states.
** Not available in all states.

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