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Employer/Workplace LTCi

Help your employees protect their retirement
saving with long term care insurance.

For most employers, a tax-advantaged retirement plan like a 401(k) is as a cornerstone employee benefit. It’s not uncommon for employees to accumulate significant retirement portfolios. Unfortunately, decades of savings can be devastated with the onset of a long term care event. Long term care is the largest unfunded financial risk in retirement and employers and employees alike are beginning to realize it is a missing element in the employee safety net.


Many carriers now offer employer-sponsored long term care insurance programs
with premium discounts and simplified medical underwriting that can be implemented without cost to employers. Since health insurance increases are often passed to employees, many companies are offering the benefits of sponsored long term
care on a voluntary basis.

Long-term care is the missing component of most company
benefit programs.
Your employees have experienced this problem at
some level, and are learning either first- hand or from friends or relatives
the financial and emotional impact of providing long-term care.

If You're an Employer, there is a simple solution:

Offering long-term care insurance as a workplace benefit can be an integral part of your strategy to recruit and retain the best talent, contain costs,and enhance employee productivity. A sponsored benefit program can offer significant and potentially life-changing benefits for your employees without cost to the company.

If You're an Employee:

If you're an employee, a workplace long-term care benefit will give you access to long-term care planning resources, premium discounts and underwriting concessions that will allow some employees to receive coverage not otherwise available.


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